Monday, May 27, 2019

You win or you die.

After eight years, the greatest television adventure is over.
A life has passed in the meantime.
We have changed and grown a lot, (not unlike some of the characters in the series) but the initial magic, the love that moves the whole, is still there, intact. :)
I feel very fortunate to have lived the story in the books before the series was released.
Although the series ended in a hurried way becasuse a commercial decision, I can imagine how the ending in the books could close a poetic cycle, in a way that tells us about the human complexity.
I go back to my characters in the books: my dear Jon Snow, my dear Daenerys, the ones I imagined, the ones that JRR Martin created for me. And then I can begin to understand the whole thing and everything seems so beautiful to me.
I can only wish to read some day, properly written, planned, with enough time and the required development, this wonderful orchestral melody which are the novels of Song of Ice and Fire.

This weekend I made a fanart. Nothing special, just to train my hand a little.
But maybe one day I will be able to do something more accurate to my feelings about the saga. :)

Friday, April 12, 2019

Romantic Ageru Yo

When I was a little girl I was fascinated by the ending of Dragon Ball series.
Bulma seemed the main protagonist, living adventures, piloting planes, motorcycles... and riding dinosaurs!! And also there was a little story:
She leave the gun on the table and rests in her room on a rainy day.
Everything was inspirational for a girl like me!!

You can watch here a intro animation I did with this illustration:

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

I never had a dog.

When I was a child, my biggest dream was to have a puppy. But it never happened.
However, I had a turtle called Diana, and I trained her to attend to his name.
And after years of dedication, she was as sociable that she liked sunbathing with my mother in the garden. As soon as she saw her put the mat, she leave her small pond to go with my mom and climb her white legs (sunbathing was never very effective in my mom, although she put effort on it.).

Well, the fact is, this personal fascination with animals and, at the same time, not have proper pets made me literally to be fascinated when Pokémon came out. xD
You have digital creatures to capture and train... the imagination does the rest.
Today I'm still fan of Pokemon, although it bores me a bit because Creators are so afraid of innovation with the new titles.
Some months ago, I really enjoyed all the launch hype of "Pokemon Let's Go" , and this illustration is the result of it: ('s me again...)

Friday, January 25, 2019

Save point.

Time passes and life goes on, full of new experiences. Too much action during last year to update the blog I'm afraid.
But I really like to leave here, in my dear old blog, these little signs, like save points in a game.

I have been living in Sweden for almost this whole last year. Settling in has been very hard, but in a few weeks I will be moving in to a nice long time rent apartment. It's a very expected moment!

Barcelona will always be in my heart, and I hope to keep having an excuse to return every few months to my favorite city ever. ( I'm doing it very well for now :D )
The years I spent in Barcelona have been the best of my life without any doubt. If I ever go back to Spain, it will be for Barcelona, ​​for sure. A place I already loved before arriving, and I still love after six years. A lot of crazy experiences, love, discovers, hard work, and a big sensation of being the luckyest person on planet. I can't say the same of other cities where I've lived before... they became an smoked and gray prison for some reason or another. But that's ok, life is about learning and changes.
Now life is a mix between homesickness for Barcelona and excitement for the new world to explore in Sweden. Also a lot of coffee moments like the picture below...

Well I really feel excited for the new things are about to come.

I have a lot of new art, but I have to be stylish and keep the "one picture entry" style.
But yes, I will make a new "save point" very soon...

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Little Witch animation.

Next weeks, I´m going to be in Japan with one of my best friends. This is the third time I go in a short time... but we always wanted go together and Japan is always amazing experience. :P

This is an animation I did these days:


Thursday, August 03, 2017

Gaming Ladies

Not so long ago I made the illustration for the poster of a feminist event in Barcelona.
I just wanted to help a little group of girls to have a good poster to have better impact.
As far as I knew, in an previous edition they were not very successful.
The poster image was uploaded to the social networks and people started to share it everywhere. I like to think that I might have contributed to that in some extent. ;-)
As usual in the videogame industry, (with feminist related things) the event caused a lot of controversy and the poster has gone around all over the internet. xD
Because of this, the event was canceled at first, but finally was held with new sponsors.
I´m very happy with the outcome of the event because the message reached so many people. :-)
A lot of people thinking in the meaning of gender equality.

You can find the Gaming Ladies official account here:
Gaming Ladies on Twitter.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Animation with Dragon Bones.

An animation practice I made with Dragon Bones.
I usually use Spine at work but I wanted to try this another program to compare. :)

Friday, June 09, 2017

Fire Emblem Style

What if I was a Fire Emblem Echoes character? xD
Well, I had to know it, so I have drawn myself trying to imitate the manga style of the great artist Hidari. :P
I´m not an narcissist, but some times it´s hard to find new inspiring ideas to draw. xD