miércoles, agosto 17, 2016

Barcelona inspires me.

 Barcelona inspired me from the distance. I was inspired by it when I visiting it in the past, and now inspires me every day after almost 4 years living here.
It is the city where I always wanted to live, and I keep thinking the same.

I don´t want to stay here forever, I have plans to see other cultures.... but please, at the end, I want to return to Barcelona. Because is the place where I find myself, and where more happy I ever been.

lunes, mayo 23, 2016

Japanese little dogs.

In Japan, I fell in love with little dogs called shiba. The small shiba is very unusual to see outside Japan, at least one of purebreds. They are very special dogs with brave temperament, and the dignity in the eyes of a wolf. Yes, they are one of the older breeds on Earth, and they keep the magic of the wild in his little body. :3  You have to see a authentic shiva to understand... and fall in love. 

martes, abril 05, 2016

Two small robins.

Last year I started to study ornithology. I like to know the kind of birds I see during my trips, and occasionally taking some pictures of them... But it's really difficult to capture sensations with the camera. It´s better to draw them. :3

Two small robins warming each other on a holly tree in a winter day:

sábado, marzo 19, 2016

Animal Crossing Fanart

In the last days of winter... apart from fever... I have a lot of desires to play Animal Crossing under a warm blanket with my cat on my lap.

martes, octubre 06, 2015

Little seals.

When I returned from Iceland, one of the most magical moment that remained in my mind were the small arctic seals playing in the graciar estuary...